International Zouk Day Challange

Leipzig macht mit... bist du dabei?

  • 1 Stunde 30 Minuten
  • Mockauer Straße 123, 04357 Leipzig


The IZD Organizing Team (OT) welcomes all members, old and new, to the Official Facebook Public Group for International Zouk Day. The IZD is celebrated worldwide on the third Saturday of September, every year. This year, our 11th event, will be celebrated on SATURDAY, 17th September 2022. Almost half of the participating groups in the past years were new to Brazilian Zouk, so we know the IZD Flashmob has proved to be a great initiative to introduce new Brazilian Zouk communities all over the world! Our vision is to make Brazilian Zouk more popular amongst dancers from all backgrounds and encouraging new people to join and learn Brazilian Zouk. One way to do that is by learning and performing the same choreography around the world, as one family. We feel Brazilian Zouk truly has the power to unite the world in a peaceful, social and fun way, as it is literally about connecting. While we will do our utmost to interest every Zouker (and Zoukers-to-be!) on the planet to join this wonderful event, this can only be made possible with your help. We hope you will join our precious Zouk family and help us share our vision! Warm Regards from the IZD Organizing Team: Alisson R Sandi & Shalini Sen

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